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Auto financing and credit in Vaudreuil-Dorion | HGrégoire Kia Vaudreuil

At Kia Motors Finance Service, we want your car financing experience to be as simple and convenient as possible so you can focus all your attention on enjoying your drive.


At Kia Motors Finance Service, we want your car financing experience to be as simple and convenient as possible so you can focus all your attention on enjoying your drive.

Financing Benefits:

  • You own the vehicle
  • No fees at the end of the contract
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Flexible financing terms (from 24 to 60 months)
  • You can pay off the loan in full at any time with no penalty

Flexibility tailored to your needs

We will work with you to create a financing plan that meets your needs. Contact a Kia dealer to determine the plan that best suits you.


Leasing offers unique benefits and financial advantages compared to financing the purchase of a new vehicle. When you lease a vehicle, you pay only for a portion of the vehicle's depreciation value rather than the full Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Over an equivalent period, lease payments are considerably lower than financing payments for the same model.

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Guaranteed Automobile Protection (GAP)

Your lease with Kia Motors Finance Service is standardly protected by GAP+ warranty. GAP warranty covers the difference between the amount you owe on your lease contract and the amount paid by your auto insurance company if your vehicle were stolen or declared a total loss due to an accident.

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Flexible Lease Terms

Kia Motors Finance Service offers lease terms up to 60 months, allowing you to choose a shorter term if you prefer to drive a new vehicle more often.

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Guaranteed Residual Value

With a lease from Kia Motors Finance Service, the contract's residual value is protected and will not be affected by market fluctuations.

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Wear and Tear Protection Plan

Up to $7,500† cancellation costs for eligible damages.† The Wear and Tear Protection Plan provides coverage up to $7,500 for repairs or replacement of the following parts:

  • Windshield and windows
  • Paint chips and scratches
  • Impact marks, dents, and exterior scratches
  • Headlights, taillights, and bulbs
  • Side mirrors
  • Bumpers, step bars, contour moldings
  • Original audio equipment
  • Floor mats
  • Muffler and exhaust tips
  • Door seals
  • Door handles
  • Moldings, trim, metal parts, and chromes
  • Model identification emblems and hood ornaments
  • Interior tears, wear, and burns

This plan, supported by Kia Motors Finance Service, offers many benefits: no deductible ($0), no forms to submit, transferable with your lease, and no fees at acquisition. You can authorize a deduction from your monthly payment. Contact your local dealer for all details.

† This is a general description only. Product features may be changed or removed at any time. For all terms and conditions of the Wear and Tear Protection Plan, please refer to the Lease Fee Waiver Annex attached to your vehicle lease contract. The Wear and Tear Protection Plan is not an insurance policy.

‡ Contact the dealer for cancellation options.

Your Lease End Process!

As your lease approaches its maturity date, Kia Motors Finance Service and your HGrégoire Kia Vaudreuil dealer will assist you throughout the lease-end process and for the acquisition of your next Kia.

120 days before the maturity date, you will receive a lease-end package guiding you through the lease-end process, including a self-assessment checklist of your vehicle's condition before the final inspection carried out by our inspection partner.

60 days before your lease maturity date, our inspection partner, AutoVIN, will contact you to schedule an inspection at your home or workplace.

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Looking to acquire a new Kia?

Contact your HGrégoire Kia Vaudreuil dealer to test drive new models and learn more about the offers you could benefit from.

Looking to keep your current Kia?

Contact your HGrégoire Kia Vaudreuil dealer to proceed with the purchase transaction of your vehicle.

Looking to return your current Kia?

  • Call AutoVIN if you haven't been contacted within 45 days before your lease maturity date to schedule an inspection appointment.
  • Entrust us, or any other reputable service provider, with required repairs on your vehicle to reduce the likelihood of wear and tear charges, including repairs covered by insurance, recalls, and winter tire replacement (if applicable).
  • Fulfill all your final financial and other obligations.
  • Contact us to schedule your vehicle return appointment.

Lease End Task List

As you approach your lease maturity date, it's time to evaluate the options available to you.

As your lease end approaches, reduce the risk of surprises and ensure a smooth transition of your current vehicle by completing the following steps:

Before the final inspection:

  • Conduct a self-inspection of your vehicle using the self-checklist below and the wear and excessive use self-assessment tool before the final inspection by AutoVIN (third-party inspection company).
  • Make required repairs at HGrégoire Kia Vaudreuil to avoid excessive wear and tear charges -- including repairs covered by insurance, recalls, and winter tire replacement (if applicable).
  • Call AutoVIN at 1-800-268-6639 if you haven't been contacted 45 days before your lease maturity date to schedule an inspection appointment.

Upon returning your vehicle:

  • Remove all personal belongings from your vehicle and erase personal data and settings from GPS, Bluetooth systems, HomeLink, and UVO Intelligence systems, if applicable.
  • Ensure to return all original equipment in good working condition (keys, key fobs, manuals, all-season tires, registration certificate, etc.) as well as any other original items delivered with the vehicle.
  • Provide copies of maintenance invoices and completed recalls.
  • Email copies of repair bills post-final vehicle inspection to Lease-end@Kiafinancing.ca
  • Fulfill all due payments and other obligations under your lease contract terms.
  • Sign the vehicle return form, and the Genesis experience manager will provide you with a copy for your records.

Lease End Self-Assessment Checklist*

Below are examples of normal wear and tear:


Scratches (without paint damage) less than 10 cm on the exterior surface of body panels and hood up to a maximum of 5 scratches per panel. A single windshield chip (without cracks) less than 0.6 cm and outside the driver's field of vision. Dents and dings (without paint damage) on the exterior surface of body panels and hood less than 5 cm in diameter up to a maximum of 5 per panel.


Perforations, cuts, tears, burns, scratches, and permanent stains (including trims, roof, carpets, etc.) less than 0.6 cm up to a maximum of 2 for the entire vehicle.

All original equipment and accessories must be returned and fully functional.

Tires and Wheels

All tires (including spare tire, if applicable) must be of the same type and size (including speed rating) as the original tires and have a residual tread depth of at least 0.33 cm.

Examples of excessive wear and tear resulting in charges*


  • Dents and dings with paint damage on body panels or hood wider than 5 cm.
  • Scratches over 10 cm on body panels or hood.
  • Hail damage.
  • Windshield chip with crack (any size).
  • Repair or damage compromising safety.
  • Non-standard repairs.


  • Perforations, cuts, tears, burns, scratches, and permanent stains over 0.6 cm.
  • Any missing equipment or damaged part and any aftermarket accessory.

Tires and Wheels

  • Non-matching, damaged, fractured, insured, or deformed wheels and tires with tread depth less than 0.33 cm.
  • Missing spare tire (if applicable).
  • Winter tires.


  • Any modification to performance components, suspension, or fuel supply system.
  • Warning light illuminated on the dashboard indicating anomalies or malfunctions.
  • Any modification to the original paint, addition of decals, stripes, or vinyl wrap ("wrapping") on the vehicle.
  • Any aftermarket accessory added.
  • Kilometrage exceeding the maximum allowed according to your contract terms.

Early Lease Termination

Contact us to discuss your options for returning a lease more than 90 days before the maturity date.

Early Lease Termination Final Balance

Please contact our customer service team for assistance.

Need help with your choice?

Here is a brief overview of the main advantages of each option below. The most important features will help you choose the right solution that meets your financial needs and lifestyle.


Payment often lower than financing payment Choice of terms that match your financial needs Guaranteed Automobile Protection (GAP) included† Driving a newer vehicle more frequently Multiple flexible lease-end options


Total ownership of your vehicle Unlimited mileage No final vehicle condition inspection


† For equivalent duration. ‡ With the option to purchase additional kilometers at the beginning of the lease agreement. * Certain restrictions apply.


Applying for a car loan at HGrégoire Kia Vaudreuil is very simple. All you have to do is fill out the auto finance application form on this page and the (optional) comprehensive auto loan form that follows for even faster approval. Once your request has been received, you will be approved within 20 minutes in most cases, during our business hours. At HGrégoire Kia Vaudreuil, we offer you an ultra personalized credit approval service. Your car loan is waiting for you! For super-fast service, you can also apply for car credit by phone at 1 833 739-8851.

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